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Monarch started as an idea within a group of like-minded individuals, spearheaded by a qualified health care provider Dr Ashok Singh and his colleagues each of them being in specialized professionals in healthcare
related IT and infrastructure disciplines. All of them have a wealth of experience in their fields. Dr Singh has been in health care management for more than 20 years – both in the public and private set up in 3 different countries with diverse healthcare systems and challenges.
Dr Ashok Singh along with this special group of individuals brainstormed to develop processes to make health care delivery more efficient and cost effective. Monarch healthcare solutions is a premier healthcare consulting firm serving private practice physicians, hospital and healthcare systems. While the scope of services has broadened with collaboration and the issues have become more complex, Monarch maintains its core values combining in-depth understanding
of the problems and opportunities within the health care system with technical expertise to provide specialized, comprehensive management resources for physicians in private practice and for related healthcare organizations.
Monarch’s professional staff presently includes individuals with expertise and experience in virtually all aspects of medical practice management. All of our consultants share the common characteristic of having a strong understanding of the economics of medical practice and the mindset of the physician in private practice, combined with a technically sophisticated approach to medical practice management.
Monarch offers a wide range of services, each with the objective of providing our clients with a sound basis for running their practice. We not only work on a project-specific consulting basis, but also frequently act as ongoing business advisors for our clients.

Dr. Ashok Singh is a highly qualified, driven and results-focused Senior Executive experienced in Clinical Operations Management, Strategic Planning and Execution, Program Management, Business Development, Financial Management, Stakeholder Engagement and Team Leadership with numerous years of employment history in healthcare sector. In an environment with constantly changing demands, he stands among leaders who drive the progress of continuous improvement by utilising superior analytical skills and effective organisational management. He is highly adept in delivering quality improvements and process optimisations to accelerate overall business success.

Dr. Ashok Singh is a strategic thinker who thrives on being an integral part of planning and direction setting to improve processes; drive performance and growth, achieve positive results and ensure continued success. His wealth of experience in clinical services spans across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India and UK where he has worked on various team-based assignments, which have allowed him to appreciate the mutual respect for each other’s ideas playing a significant role in creating a transparent, tolerant and productive team environment. He is articulate, pragmatic, commercially-minded, analytical and solutions-focused, with exceptional drive and enthusiasm. Dr. Ashok Singh’s years of experience collaborating with stakeholders at every level have improved his natural interpersonal and leadership skills, further enabling him to achieve strategic objectives and generating and implementing ideas for continuous improvement and business growth.

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